True Shaft Explained

The new True Shaft by Samsara Cues is getting players excited! From top professionals to league player of all abilities, these high performance shafts find the perfect balance between low deflection technology and classic one piece maple feel and sound. We feel that a single piece of quality straight grain maple is the best choice of materials for a pool shaft. Samsara invented a new ferrule and lowered the end mass in the True Shaft offering accuracy on a whole new level. (See some testimonials here.) We also put some weight back into the shaft just above the joint so your cue stays "forward balanced" and doesn't become too light for optimal play-ability. True Shafts weigh in at a reasonable 3.9-4.1 ounces depending on joint type and natural maple variances.   DPP_0021

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  1. I have a True Shaft and it plays great and has great feel! I advise anyone in the market for a new shaft to give it a try!

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