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  1. Hello

    My name is Makoto Yamada from Japan.

    About 20 years ago, when I borrowed from my friend Samsara cue, I felt it was a excelent cue. I think that the queue I use next is the last one in my life. I think definitely want to order Samsara.

    I have several questions.

    1. How much is this 1163 cue?

    2. I want Change B&C rings to triple diamonds rings. Is it possible to change the contents of this kind of order?

    (For example, B&C rinds are a thing of here.

    3. Please tell me the delivery time.

    I would appreciate if you could reply.

  2. I bought this cue about 10 years ago and I still have it. Purchased from Robert Mallen of G Cue Billiards of Phx, AZ. I strongly recommend that you try this cue at your local billiard supply store. Extreme high end playable cue. There is Stradivari, Faberge, Harley Davidson and George Balabushka. This cue is an investment that you will not regret.

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